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Become a SYDNEY FIT BODIES MEMBER for unlimited group personal training sessions!

Group Session Membership

By buying a Sydney Fit Bodies membership you are able to attend a group session as often as daily for the price of a normal group session!  Weekly, monthly & yearly billing options are available for these memberships.

Group Sessions

Do you struggle to find the dedication to keep fit?  Group sessions of 3 or more persons are a more social form of fitness to fit around any lifestyle.  Our trainings are run from as early as 5am right into the night!  Prices above are based on 60min sessions.

2-on-1 Trainings (price is per person)

The buddy system does not just work for school excursions but also comes in handy for working out too!  Bring a friend along & halve the cost of a one on one session.  The above sessions for purchase are based on 60min sessions.  45min sessions are also available for $30 each & 30min sessions for $20 per person.

1-on-1 Training

Whether you are training to achieve the personal goal of weight loss, health reasons or to become a professional athlete, one-on-one personal training sessions are the best focused sessions structured to achieve solely your goals.  A program will be designed with progression monitored to track your way along the path to your goal.  The sessions above are based on 60min sessions.  45min sessions are also available for $60 & 30min sessions for $40 per session.